LACQUER At Home Manicure Kit
LACQUER At Home Manicure Kit

LACQUER At Home Manicure Kit

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Everything you need to do your own mini mani at home! Kit contains:
  • Cuticle softener
  • 100/180 nail file (for shaping) + 180/240 grit mini nail file (for finishing)
  • Mini buffer + shiny buffer
  • Birchwood stick (to use as pusher)
  • Mini organic cuticle oil (Dadi' oil)
  • Nail wipes


  1. Get a paper towel and create a workspace for yourself
  2. Set out all items and grab a nail clipper if you have one/need one
  3. Trim nails (if needed)
  4. Open nail file and use "softer" side to gently file your nail going in one direction only (do not "saw" back and forth - this tears the nail and can cause peeling) until you've achieved your desired shape
  5. Get a washcloth and run it under hot water (as hot as you can stand), squeeze out excess water and set to the side
  6. Take dropper with cuticle softener and apply to one hand. Wrap hand in your hot towel and let sit until the towel starts to cool (do not let towel get cold)
  7. Use birchwood stick as a pusher to gently push the cuticle from the nail plate (the cuticle is the thin layer of skin that grows over your nail plate)
  8. Put a tiny bit of cuticle oil on each nail and cuticle area and take your mini buffer and gently "buff" any hanging dead skin away
  9. Wash hands and repeat steps on the opposite hand.
  10. When finished, add more cuticle oil and rub into the nail bed and surrounding skin. Repeat this step 2-3x per day, daily until you run out of the oil. 

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