Who We Are

Our Story

The idea for LACQUER started in 2012 when founder and Texas local Carla Hatler moved back to Austin from Los Angeles and couldn't find the perfect nail salon.

"I had trouble finding a great nail salon that I didn't have to book out weeks in advance. The walk in salons didn't feel clean to me, and usually only carried one brand of nail lacquer. I couldn't believe Austin didn't have many great nail options, and the wheels starting turning. I did tons of research, interviews with other business owners and location scouting - a process that took me three years. All the stars aligned and I opened LACQUER Downtown in March 2015, coincidentally during the first week of SXSW, and haven't looked back. We now have two locations in Austin." 


CEO, Carla HatlerAs part of her research, Carla also discovered many nail salon and other beauty service providers are often misclassified or treated poorly. She made it her mission to be an ethical salon, providing fair (and legal) pay to all of her staff. All staff members have been classified as employees since LACQUER opened its doors. Interestingly, the same year LACQUER opened, the New York Times published an expose on nail salons in America. Carla adds, "I've learned so much since we opened and have become obsessed with doing things the "right" way so we provide a lot of ongoing training to our staff. We love learning and education so much, I have assembled a task force to work on improving nail industry education. There is so much mis-information out there; I am on a mission to change that and provide better education for everyone, not just our staff. It's time for our industry to get a little disrupted. I can't wait to see what we do and the impact we can have!" Carla grew up in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and is a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, she held various management positions in advertising and specialized in helping launch new brands.